What is the Best Economical Espresso Machine?

While making a purchase decision for an espresso coffee maker, affordability plays a major role. We look for a coffee machine that’s priced economically and produces good quality of coffee as well. Considering your requirements, we have carried out exhausting research work to figure out the most economical espresso machines available in the market. The coffee maker we have selected as the best one is Bunn BT velocity 10 cup thermal carafe coffee maker which is known as one of the best Bunn coffee makers. To let you understand why we consider it as best, we have listed its features, pros, and cons in this detailed review.

Bunn BT Velocity 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker Review

Most people think that if an espresso machine is economical, it might not have good features but this is certainly not the case with the BT velocity. It is considered as among the best Bunn coffee makers while being economically priced too.

High Quality Portafilter

The coffee maker features 58 millimeter portafilter usually found in high priced espresso machines. For instant release of pressure from grouphead, the machine is fitted with 3 way solenoid valve. It is also helpful for immediate refilling of shots. Made with heavy duty chrome plated brass, portafilter and grouphead is highly durable and long lasting.

Brews 10 Cups of Coffee in Just 3 Minutes

One major feature of Bunn BT velocity 10 cup thermal carafe coffee maker that makes it stand out in the market is its fast brewing capacity. It can brew 10 cups of coffee in just 3 minutes honoring with the title as one of the fastest coffee maker. The machine has become very popular due to this reason.

Internal Hot Water Tank

What you will like about this coffee maker is its internal hot water tank facility that lets you brew a pot of coffee in no time. The tank requires two full carafes to fill completely. It also acts as temperature monitoring device that keeps the water at optimal brewing temperature of 200 Degree Fahrenheit.

Unique Sprayhead Design

The coffee maker machine features unique sprayhead design which enables the device to create required turbulence for extracting perfect flavor of the coffee and to evenly wet the coffee grounds. This helps to give you a pleasurable taste and quality.

Pros of Bunn BT Velocity 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

  • The coffee maker machine is built using stainless steel making it an ideal machine for long run.
  • It is acost effective and pocket friendly coffee maker priced as compared to other commercial coffee maker machine in this section.
  • It produces unmatched quality and taste of the coffee.
  • This highly advanced coffee maker is capable to brew impressive 10 cups of coffee in just 3 minutes.
  • The warranty period of the coffee maker is 3 years.
  • You will also find high quality thermal carafe.

Cons of Bunn BT Velocity 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

  • The machine is quite big, thus consuming a lot of space.
  • It misses out on some important features like timers and brew button for quick brewing process.
  • Lack of water level indicator makes it difficult to make right amount of coffee.
The Last Words

If you are regular coffee drinker and couldn’t wait too long for coffee to get ready then Bunn BT velocity 10 cup coffee maker could fit your requirement. Also, being affordable as compared to other coffee makers, it is surely one of the best Bunn coffee makers out there and we feel this coffee maker is the best economical coffee maker in our list.…

Spinach Pear Salad

One of my greatest joys in life is that I live walking distance from a Trader Joe’s. If you have never been to a Trader Joe’s, just know that it is the happiest grocery store with the friendliest staff and tasty, inexpensive food. Then go petition your city council to bring one to your town.

Spinach Pear Salad

(For a large salad. Obviously you can customize the portions)

  • 12 oz baby spinach


  • 3 medium size pears

  • 6 oz crumbled feta cheese

  • 1/2 bottle of Trader Joe’s Champagne Pear Vinaigrette dressing or a similar substitute

Mix everything together. You got this.…

The BARF Diet

BARF is a diet that owes its popularity to an Australian vet, Dr Ian Billinghurst. Although he prefers BARF to be an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food many people use it to mean Bones and Raw Food.

His philosophy is that the diet a dog evolved to eat – over many millions of years of evolution – is the best way to feed it. It is important to note that Billinghurst originally promoted BARF for dogs but others have taken it up and promote it for cats too.

Unfortunately, his message is somewhat contradictory. On the one hand he claims “modern dogs of any breed are not only capable of eating the food of their wild ancestors, but actually require it for maximum health. This is because their basic physiology has changed very little with domestication”. But he also claims that “There are grave dangers that go along with the natural diet and natural conditions the ancestors or wild cousins of our dogs live with… In other words, natural conditions can be deadly!”

Therefore, what he promotes is a modified diet, largely consisting of raw meat, uncooked bone and raw vegetable scraps. Details of the formulations he uses and the philosophy behind them can be found in his books. He also promotes water, offal and supplements as essential parts of the BARF diet which, he says, is designed to mimic the wild animal’s diet.

There are many others who have taken up this approach and several books have appeared on the subject. Billinghurst now appears to have a range of foodstuffs in Australia under the label of R.A.W.BARF. (Restoring Animal Welfare). He also markets DVDs, one of which is somewhat alarmingly entitled “The Evolutionary Diet and Cancer”.

Unfortunately, there are no independently verifiable studies of the effects of the BARF diet although the majority of anecdotal evidence suggests that, for dogs at least, it is beneficial. One particular worry is that a lot of raw meat carries salmonella. There is a myth that dogs are immune to salmonella, which simply isn’t true. They do show a high tolerance of it. But there are cases reported of dogs being fed the BARF diet that have died of salmonella poisoning. A small study on the levels of salmonella in the stool of 10 dogs that ate a raw diet found that 80% of the raw diet tested positive for salmonella and while 30 percent of the stool samples from dogs fed a raw food diet contained salmonella, none of the control dogs (commercial fed) contained salmonella. It is also recommended that food safety precautions are taken when dealing with raw meats to minimise human health problems.

The Veterinary Associations of the USA, UK and Canada have all have stated that there is no scientific evidence to support the claimed benefits of raw feeding. The proponents of BARF argue that vets have a vested interest in promoting commercial foods as they make money from them.

We feel uncomfortable about including BARF recipes and refer you to the books advertised in the column on the left if you require more information.…

Zoe’s Life Changing Story

Before I started working with Pauline I was pretty miserable!

I had been trying to get over my eating disorder for years but hadn’t been successful. I had been doing a lot of 12-step work but even-though that had helped me, I was still caught up in the bingeing and purging cycle. Not a very nice plan for my life.

I wasn’t feeling great with my body and life. My self-esteem was also very low, lower than it has ever been. I doubted myself on many levels and was really harsh on my own person.

Not forgiving nor loving.

The worst was that I didn’t even realise it. It thought it was just life and how others also lived it!

What were your main fears and doubts about the program?

I was concerned that the work would be based on self-analysis. Although I had already done a lot of 12-step work through OA and loved the group, I just felt that more introspection wouldn’t really help me.

Why did you choose this program?

What convinced me to take this program was my first discussion with Pauline. I remember having to tell Pauline what I was going through at work. I was blaming myself for making what I thought was a “massive” mistake and I was totally concerned about that. It was killing me.
When I shared how I felt with her, she replied with wise, beautiful and kind words. The tone of her voice was full of acceptance. I was immediately understood and felt in a safe space. I realised straight away that acceptance was something I hadn’t been able to give to myself so far and I knew this was part of the recovery process!

What kind of changes were you aiming to achieve with the program?

I was aiming to live free of my obsession with food. I wanted to feel light and good in my body and soul. I wanted to love myself fully and unconditionally!

Can you tell us a bit more about your experience?

My experience has been amazing!
I have really learned to love myself. Working with Pauline was great! She is always full of good advices, kind and supportive. She knows how to direct you on the right path and to tell you the exact things you need to hear in order to open your eyes. She will teach you a new way of looking at things and at life in general.

What kind of shifts and changes have you experienced with the program?

I have changed a lot! It’s hard to explain it all but for me it mostly comes down to accepting and loving who I am – on all levels. I have gained confidence and trust in myself as well as self-love and overall peace of mind.

I love it!

How do your feel about your future?

I feel really positive about my future. For sure, life is not perfect and things aren’t always easy but I have learned to choose more enjoyable pathways!

Easter Cakes to Make the Easter Bunny Proud

Picture the following scene: It’s afternoon on Easter Sunday. The children in your family, and maybe some of the adults as well, have hunted for eggs. And now your loved ones are gathered around the dining room table in their slightly-rumpled Easter finest. They’ve just consumed ham or lamb or perhaps both. What could keep the festive feelings going for a while longer? How about some gorgeous, mouth-watering Easter cakes?


For many families, this kind of dessert is as time-honored as dyeing eggs. Other families have yet to adopt the tradition. If you’ve never served Easter cakes yourself, the first thing to realize is that they often come in certain shapes: giant eggs, grinning rabbit faces, perhaps bright yellow chicks. A much more solemn choice would be a cake in the shape of a cross.

On the other hand, a cake served at Easter dinner might just be a regularly-shaped cake: rectangular, round or ovular. No matter – even if your cake doesn’t have a special holiday shape, you can still lend it Eastertime flair by arranging jelly beans all along its circumference, or by sticking a few chocolate bunnies or chocolate eggs on top. Writing “Happy Easter” in pastel-colored frosting makes for a lovely touch, too.

As far as the major ingredients to include in this cake, you have wide latitude. Few people have set expectations when it comes to Easter cakes – as opposed to, say, Christmas fruitcakes – and thus you are free to let your culinary imagination soar. Your cake can be vanilla or chocolate. A carrot cake, on the other hand, is an especially appropriate choice given the holiday’s official mascot. You can honor the warming temperatures outside by sprinkling fresh berries all over the top and sides of your masterpiece. And if your warm-weather state of mind is particularly strong, you might include pineapple or banana slices here, or both. Further, shredded coconut and confectioner’s sugar can be the icing on the cake – not counting the actual icing on the cake.

Fillings for Easter Cakes

You should also consider the kind of filling you’d like to use, if any. Chocolate sauce and ice cream are always favorites. Lighter options include jelly, pudding, jam, yogurt, and gelatin. Incidentally, a sponge cake with jelly inside it is called a jelly roll. The best time to add your filling to your cake is after it has come out of the oven, and after it has cooled. Finally, since Easter heralds the arrival of spring, consider presenting your holiday cake on a bed of artificial grass, beside a stuffed bunny or two, and with flowers – real or artificial – all around it. Lilies, of course, would be the ideal choice.

Video Tutorial :-

Natural Pet Food Recipes

Welcome to our Natural Pet Food Recipes web site.

It is our hope that you will find something here that will interest or maybe educate you. We have also provided links to other sites and products that you may find useful.

We’d like to start, however, by asking you to consider what really are ‘Natural’ pet foods. Most of us have a vision that it means feeding our pets stuff that, were they not domesticated, they would eat in the wild. Thus we have seen an upsurge in raw meat diets and diets made with all sorts of ingredients which owners want to feed their pets in the belief that those foods are the best thing for them.


Much of this has occurred, particularly in the USA and Canada, because of an episode in which proprietary pet foods were contaminated and caused the deaths of a large number of pets.

However, there is a problem in that our pets are domesticated. Much though we’d like to see the similarities our dogs aren’t wolves and our cats aren’t lions. Those changes in our pets from their wild forefathers means that we aren’t dealing with the same thing at all. Can you imagine a pack of King Charles Spaniels out hunting elk?

Indeed, even those who promote the diets that are closest to ‘wild’ diets have to add supplements. And as soon as you start adding supplements you aren’t using ‘natural’ food. Can you imagine a wolf popping round to the pharmacy for some vitamin pills to make up for his dietary deficiencies? The simple fact is that if you only fed your pet the foods that its relatives ate in the wild it would succumb to poor health and a short life.

We believe that natural foods for pets means getting as close as you can to a similar diet to that of their wild relatives but using the best quality substitutes available and with the addition of minerals and vitamins, where appropriate, to ensure a long, healthy and happy life. So instead of feeding your dog freshly killed deer it’s much more likely that you will feed him minced beef.

We like to think that ‘natural’ means the best quality, fresh food. On the pages here you will find some recipes and links to others that we hope you’ll find useful. We’ll also try and give you some useful pointers about specific needs and about foods to avoid.

We hope that feeding a natural pet food becomes part of the way you care for your pet and we wish you years of happiness together.…