Zoe’s Life Changing Story

Before I started working with Pauline I was pretty miserable!

I had been trying to get over my eating disorder for years but hadn’t been successful. I had been doing a lot of 12-step work but even-though that had helped me, I was still caught up in the bingeing and purging cycle. Not a very nice plan for my life.

I wasn’t feeling great with my body and life. My self-esteem was also very low, lower than it has ever been. I doubted myself on many levels and was really harsh on my own person.

Not forgiving nor loving.

The worst was that I didn’t even realise it. It thought it was just life and how others also lived it!

What were your main fears and doubts about the program?

I was concerned that the work would be based on self-analysis. Although I had already done a lot of 12-step work through OA and loved the group, I just felt that more introspection wouldn’t really help me.

Why did you choose this program?

What convinced me to take this program was my first discussion with Pauline. I remember having to tell Pauline what I was going through at work. I was blaming myself for making what I thought was a “massive” mistake and I was totally concerned about that. It was killing me.
When I shared how I felt with her, she replied with wise, beautiful and kind words. The tone of her voice was full of acceptance. I was immediately understood and felt in a safe space. I realised straight away that acceptance was something I hadn’t been able to give to myself so far and I knew this was part of the recovery process!

What kind of changes were you aiming to achieve with the program?

I was aiming to live free of my obsession with food. I wanted to feel light and good in my body and soul. I wanted to love myself fully and unconditionally!

Can you tell us a bit more about your experience?

My experience has been amazing!
I have really learned to love myself. Working with Pauline was great! She is always full of good advices, kind and supportive. She knows how to direct you on the right path and to tell you the exact things you need to hear in order to open your eyes. She will teach you a new way of looking at things and at life in general.

What kind of shifts and changes have you experienced with the program?

I have changed a lot! It’s hard to explain it all but for me it mostly comes down to accepting and loving who I am – on all levels. I have gained confidence and trust in myself as well as self-love and overall peace of mind.

I love it!

How do your feel about your future?

I feel really positive about my future. For sure, life is not perfect and things aren’t always easy but I have learned to choose more enjoyable pathways!