Reasons why watching porn is a self esteem issue

Pornography has dozens of different categories. The same can be said about opinions regarding it. People’s attitude and beliefs about porn are wide and vast. One person sees it one way while others see it another way. There are religious, moral and psychological debates to be had. Certain sex experts recommend it for their patients. On the other hand, others feel it can be disruptive and damaging to couples. To make matters worse, some couples don’t like to talk about porn. Sometimes they do not agree about it. In other cases, it makes one party feel insecure and ashamed. In addition, there’s also the high amount of free porn found online.

Today, it is easier than ever to obtain free pornographic material. A person can find almost anything they desire looking into when it comes to smut. Desires, fantasies and the wildest fetishes, are only a click away in porn sites. Since people have access to internet from their mobile devices, it makes looking at porn effortless as well. Moreover, these gadgets make pornography more accessible than ever before. All of this has lead to a big debate about the impact porn is having on society. More importantly, the negative effects it can cause in the long-term.

No matter which side of the argument you take, there is no denying one thing. Pornography is a self-esteem issue for several reasons. A perfect example can be seen when frequent adult content viewers are questioned. Many of them have no qualms about stating how great it is for them physically. However, when it comes to how it makes them feel, most express negative emotions about it. For the most part, viewers feel guilty about looking at it. One of the reasons is because they see it as a form of cheating. Finding material which leads them to erotic pleasures on their own is easy. But, hiding those indulgences they obtain from looking at porn from their partners is an issue.

At the same time, people point to the influence they feel from religious beliefs. Most religions are emphatic about their negative views towards pornography. This back and forth can cause a person’s self-esteem to be impacted. Most times, it is done in a negative way. If all of this wasn’t bad enough, there’s also the destructive feelings. These include the emotion of feeling judged; especially for the unsavory desires they are having. Some point to their porn viewing as causing pain to their significant other.

Unfortunately, the negative feelings don’t start or end with the porn viewer alone. Their partners also experience many emotions which hurt them self-esteem wise. Females whose partners watch porn, are particularly vulnerable. Most of them have feelings of deficiencies and inadequacies. To them, they see themselves as not being able to fulfill their partner’s sexual desires. Women begin to question their sex appeal and physical appearances. In their minds, they think there must be a reason why their mate finds sexual pleasure from other women. More so from those who have bodies with different sizes and shapes than their own.

What is even more damaging, is how men deal with their female spouse issue. For them, watching the pornstars or other women in porn videos is meaningless. It is simply a means to an end that leads to masturbation gratification. In some cases, it is done randomly and not connected to their partners. Since it is so easy to get free porn online, the act itself is also seen that way. It is simplified masturbation without much effort.


Nonetheless, there are others who don’t feel that way or see it in that perspective. You can find endless people whose partner’s watch porn, tell you about their feelings. They tend to believe their bodies are unequal to the pornstars on these porn videos. How can they compete with some of these women on the porn films? They have big boobs, beautiful faces, hot bodies and huge butts. Worse yet, many of them do sexual things they themselves might never do. That in turn, causes other issues as far as what their partner sees in the adult content. And what they expect sexually from their mates in real life.

Once a person whose is married to someone who watches porn begins to feel unwanted and inadequate, other problems arise. The emotions rendering a person insecure set in. Before long, those feelings turn into resentment. It is important to keep in mind that all porn watching is not necessarily damaging for couples. In many instances, they can help couples feel great about their relationships.

Porn, can help couples add fire to their sex lives. Additionally, the positive feelings can be for both or as an individual. The problem lies when one person becomes addicted to porno. To the point where they prefer looking at porn videos, and to masturbate to it. Specifically, when they want it more than having actual intercourse with their partner. And even that it isn’t the case, all it takes is their spouse feeling like it is. That can end in low self-esteem and problems for one or maybe both.