Why dressing better can elevate your confidence?

There is a common theory that dressing to impress can actually elevate your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. Can dressing smartly or with style truly affect your mood and improve your confidence levels or is this simply a myth created by fashion designers to promote the sale of their products? This article takes a closer look at this phenomenon and discussed 4 different ways in which dressing can actually elevate your confidence.


You will feel better about yourself

First and foremost, dressing better can just make you feel better about yourself. If you put on a nice suit, shirt and tie for example for work then you will feel the part and you will feel professional. There is some deep emotional connection that links our physical attire to our mood and confidence. Just try it – next time you dress well, consider how you feel and what emotions your attire evokes. Alternatively, if you put no effort into your dress at all and look scruffy, how would this make you feel?


Others will give you greater respect and attention

Secondly, when you dress smartly other people will undoubtedly take notice. A person who is dressed well in the workplace, or in social situations stands out and commands respect. People will see the smart clothes, and notice that you have actually made an effort with your appearance. They will, in turn, give you greater respect and pay more attention to you. This can work wonders for your own confidence as other people’s respect and attention will rub off on you.


Your cognitive functioning will improve

Thirdly, dressing to impress can actually improve your coordination and cognitive function. When you dress smartly you will feel empowered and your brain will kick into gear and work at a heightened rate. You will feel successful and professional and this, in turn, will help you perform at your maximum capability. Furthermore, this will then work wonders for your confidence as you will be flying high from your achievements.


You will be driven to success

Finally, wearing fantastic clothes that make you feel good can drive you to success. There is just something about donning a stylish outfit that invites success. It is a combination of the above factors that work together to improve your function, earn respect from others, and make you feel better that flows through every aspect of your personality and actions. Dressing better is like a tonic that can truly boost your body and mind and help you succeed which in turn is a fantastic confidence booster.


Dressing better really can provide a huge boost to your confidence and it is something that we urge everyone to try. Dressing smartly or making an effort with your physical appearance doesn’t mean that you are shallow or self-centered; it simply means you want to take pride in your appearance and feel good about yourself which is something everyone should do!

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